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July 7, 2020


We have built a community of incredibly talented individuals, and the music goes beyond our events. We want to shine a light on our musical family with The Simple Stage. During these sessions, members of Silver Arrow Band will share their favorite tunes, dance floor moments, and why they love performing. Sit back, sing-along, and enjoy!

Meet Bridget! This lovely singer has been performing with Silver Arrow Band for three years. Look like a familiar face? You may recognize her from our photoshoot! Bridget talks about the joys in being a part of a wedding, how the SAB community pieced together her personal project, and a holiday party story that brings the Whos from Whoville to life. 

Check out Bridget’s personal project: @heroine.music.nyc

My other favorite about performing at weddings is getting to know the couples and their guests at the wedding. It’s really beautiful to see how everything comes together and how the people from both of their lives come together to support them in this big moment of their life. It’s awesome to be able to work with them to help make their day as special as we can.